Slide Water Slide Water Water compromises over 95% of beer and effects the beer flavour & styles. Beers use different types of water that can be treated in the brewery to suit a specific brand. Water used in to brew our beers is either hard or soft water depending on the style of beer

Slide Barley Slide Barley Malted barley is the main raw material used in brewing. Barley provides the sugar that will be fermented in alcohol during the brewing process. Different types of barley used for different beers to add different colour and modify flavours. From Pure Malt to Roasted Barley we only use the finest malt to brew our beers

Slide Hops Slide Hops Hops are a vine like plant used for aroma and bitterness in beer. They also act as a preservative and stabilizer for beer. Whole hops, hop oils or hop pellets are used depending on the beer and brewery. There are many different types of hops in the world that give the beer its bitterness, fruity and herbal flavours depending on the style of beer being brewed

Slide Yeast Slide Yeast Yeast ferments the sugars from barley and converts into alcohol. We use many different types of yeast depending on the beer. Lager yeast is bottom fermenting and ferments at cold temperature 7-13 degrees, slow fermentation+7days. Ale/Stout yeast is top fermenting and ferments at warmer temperatures 18+ degrees, quick fermentation around 3-4days. Yeast is the magic ingredients used by our brewers when brewing our beers