Guinness Draught

Guinness Draught was first brewed in 1959 to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing his lease. It was the first beer to use nitrogen, which gives Guinness Draught its velvety-smooth texture and the iconic ‘surge’ as it settles after the unique Two Part Pour.

Smooth with a perfect balance of bitter and sweet with a malty roasted character.

Fun Fact: One Guinness Draught is infused with 3 million dancing nitrogen bubbles for that rich and creamy head

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout traces its beginnings to recipe from 1801, brewed with more hops to survive the long sea journeys to tropical climates. The bulldog on the neck label of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is unique to Malaysia, and has featured on bottles sold here for more than 100 years

Rich and full- bodied, with a strong aroma of toffee and caramel

Fun Fact:  Back in the year, Guinness added their own symbols to the labelling to distinguish their bottles and exclusives territories. There are four designs the bulldog, wolf head, dog head and cat

Uniqueness of Roasted Barley

  • Gives Guinness its ruby red colour
  • St James Gate in Dublin is the only brewery of its size in the world to roast its own barley on site
  • Roasted barley is what makes Guinness “ The Black Stuff”

The Story of the bubbles

  • Guinness the first brewers to use notrige
  • Michael Ash joined Guinness brewery in 1951 working with the brewers at St James Gate
  • 1959 Guinness Draught and Nitrogen was born